Join us this Sunday!

The Day of Fate is soon upon us!  Come join us this at Dragon Snack Games on Millersport Hwy.  We’ll be there this Sunday, May 15th, at noon.

This month, we’ll be featuring Venture City and a playtest of Hydro Hackers.

As always, all are welcome!  Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player, we’ll be happy to have you.

We encourage you to support our host.  In-store purchases will get you a Fate point on the day of the event at any of our tables.

See you Sunday!

Queen City Conquest 2016

Since 2012, Queen City Conquest has been providing the western New York area with an amazing space to play games, meet people, and enjoy the best of what the Buffalo gaming community has to offer.  I’m proud to say that I’ve been there every year since it started, and not once did I think, “you know, that was okay, but…”.  I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly every time.  I’ve met some new people as well as spent time with familiar faces.  I’ve played games that I hadn’t played before.  It’s become what I see as an important institution in the local gaming scene, and anything that I can to do support it, I will.

All that said, QCC would like to have a fifth year, and needs your help to do so.  If you live in or near the Buffalo area, or even outside of the area, take a look at the Kickstarter and see all the awesome things that they have to offer.  If you aren’t able to pledge, spread the word to others.  Every backer & signal boost counts.

Buffalo Fate Corps will be there in force!  My goal is to have at least one Fate game running in every time slot.  I’ll be GMing at least two games, so keep an eye on the event list.

I hope to see you there in September.