July Day of Fate

Greetings everyone!
Welcome to summer, July 2016!  In between picnics, watching summer blockbusters, and catching virtual monsters, I hope that you’ve all been able to get some tabletop gaming in.
The third Sunday of the month is coming up, and you’ll have a chance to play some more games next weekend, at our July Day of Fate.  We’ll be at our usual location at Dragon Snack Games starting at noon on July 17th.  Whether you’re new to the Fate RPG or an experienced player, come on out!  All are welcome.
I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate our friends in WNY Savages. It’s their first “Savage-versary”, marking one year running Savage Worlds monthly at Dragon Snack Games.  If you’d like to join them on July 31st, they’ll be going from 1 to 9.
Thanks for your continued interest in the local Fate fan community.  I hope to see you on the 17th.