What is this “Fate” that you speak of?

In case you were wondering what kind of games we run at Day of Fate events, we mix it up!  We like to show all of the genres and tricks that the game is capable of, including roleplaying staples such as fantasy, some that are humorous, some that are grim, and some of the more unique settings as well.

Since we started last fall,  we’ve run games in the following published settings:

  • Masters of Umdaar (science fantasy)
  • Venture City (near future “superpunk”)
  • Evil Hat’s “It’s Not My Fault!” (fantasy)

Many of our GMs have been kind enough to present their own games as well:

  • Adam Ezra’s Mo(u)rning Orchid and Interstellar Patrol  (sci fi/space opera)
  • Phil Vecchione’s Fate 101 (an introduction to playing the Fate RPG)
  • Rich Hewett’s Kaernest (fantasy)
  • Kenneth Benner’s It’s Not My Fault: Venture Brothers (based on the Venture Brothers animated series)

Finally, we’ve been fortunate enough to have Phil Vecchione run early versions of Hydro Hackers, a cyberpunk setting coming soon by Encoded Designs

I’d like to thank Phil, Adam, Rich, and Ken for being kind enough to run games for us.

Would you like to see a different setting?  More of what is mentioned above?  Let us know!



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