Day of Fate – August 2017

Due to some game convention in August (I’m told it’s rather large), we’re a little earlier than usual this month.  Come out to Dragon Snack Games on August 13th to play the Fate RPG.  As always, all players are welcome, and no experience is needed.  Hope to see you there!


Day of Fate: July 2017

First off, Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I hope that you all enjoyed the festivities and celebrated safely.

Coming up in a couple weeks is the Day of Fate!  As we do every month, we’ll be gathering at Dragon Snack Games to play the Fate RPG.  We’ll be there on July 16th from noon until 4 or so.

This month, I’ll be starting an episodic campaign for the Fate World Masters of Umdaar. Anyone can join at any time, and if you miss a month, you can jump in again later.

On a final note, we do encourage you to support our host at Dragon Snack Games if you’re able.  In-store purchases on the day of the event get you a Buffalo Fate Corps Fate point.

As always, all are welcome to the event, and no experience is needed. We hope to see you on the 16th!